Fryer Machine

World’s Best-Made Toolroom Mill

CM Series - Precision Compact Mills

The Fryer CM Series is the perfect tool for toolroom, job shop and secondary operations Built on a solid cast iron platform and using high precision ballscrews, spindle and ATC, the CM can hold the demanding tolerances that industry requires Programming is accomplished with industry standard G code or Siemens advanced ‘Shop Mill’ programming Equipped with a impressive list of standard features the CM Series is by far the best compact milling machine available today.




  • Simple menu programming - No codes of any kind
  • G code editor runs Fanuc G code
  • One-touch set-up buttons
  • Rigid tapping with peck feature
  • Solid model part verification shows entire part being cut
  • Handwheel run feature makes proving out programs safer
  • 400 IPM rapid feedrate
  • 10 HP 4,500 RPM CAT-40 taper spindle
  • Extra large induction hardened and ground table
  • Menu driven tool setter and part probe
  • Absolute encoders - no homing required
  • Simple tool management - increases productivity
  • Electronic spindle speed control
  • Engraving cycle
  • Teach mode
  • Electronic stops in manual mode



  • Siemens High Speed all digital control system - Ultra reliable
  • Regenerative drives save 40% electrical use
  • Digital drives provide better accuracy and surface finish
  • Brushless servo spindle motor provides better torque
  • Modular electronics package uses 50% less parts than competitors
  • 4th and 5th axis interface available
  • Web server technology allows remote monitoring of CNC



  • High quality thermally stable Meehanite castings
  • Box way construction with Turcite B liners
  • C3 grade double nut ball screws with class 7 bearings
  • CAT 40 spindle with ABEC 9 ultra precision bearings
  • Counterweight balanced Z axis
  • Hand built precision +/- .0002” entire travel
  • Test part cut and shipped with each machine
  • Two-year warranty







Barnes Industries has increased productivity in their shop and achieved
a 75% savings on cycle times since their purchase of a Fryer CM-15 mill in 2015.
Their CM-15 machine performed above expectations and provided better accuracy
for their production of ballscrew components.










Built on a cast iron platform and using high precision ballscrews, spindle and ATC,
the CM Series provides the performance needed for tight tolerance work. All of this
is bundled into a package that is extremely affordable for education and industry.