Fryer Machine

Horizontal Machining Centers

HR Series
Horizontal Machining Centers

The Fryer HR Series are high performance box way horizontal machining centers designed for your most demanding applications. The high-torque 40 HP spindle motor and standard 6,000 RPM 50 taper spindle provide the rigidity and torque needed. Extra large castings, ballscrews and bearings provide accuracy and vibration dampening. The user friendly 2200 CNC allows simple shop floor programing or G code programs to be run with ease.

HB Series
Horizontal Boring Mills

Fryer's HB Series Boring Mills are heavy duty machines designed for high precision machining. Equipped with a 20" travel bar type spindle and a powerful 40 HP spindle motor. Rugged box way construction and high precision ballscrews ensure high performance cutting and high accuracy tolerances. The user friendly 2200 CNC allows shop floor programming for single piece runs or G code programming for high production.

TC-H Series
Horizontal Traveling Columns

The Fryer TC-H Series features a fixed table and traveling column design. It is equipped with a rugged 50 taper horizontal spindle featuring a high torque 40 HP spindle motor with 350 ft/lbs of torque. The fixed table allows table loads of more than 10,000 lbs. while offering versatility in part fixturing. Available in sizes ranging from 40" X travel all the way to huge 320" travel machine.