Fryer Machine

5X Series - 5 Axis Simultaneous with Articulating Spindle

The 5X Series features a German made Kessler tilting / rotary head providing 360° of rotation and 200° of spindle tilt. This flexible spindle solution is perfect for the aerospace, automotive and oil field industries where rotating the part is not practical. Featuring the Fryer 2200 CNC 5 axis control with digital drives and Siemens 5 axis technology.








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Outstanding Features

  • 40 tool high speed twin arm ATC
  • Kessler German made 2 axis high accuracy head
  • High torque 55 HP 15,000 RPM spindle (5X-120 and 5X-160)
  • Disc brake for A and C axis
  • Full machine enclosure
  • High capacity spindle refrigeration unit
  • 5 axis remote electronic handwheel
  • Double nut ballscrews with thermal compensation
  • All axes laser calibrated & ballbar verified
  • Hand built precision +/-.0002” entire travel













The 5X Series is equipped with the heavy duty German-made Kessler 2 axis head designed for steel cutting. These machines feature a 50 HP high torque HSK 63A spindle and utilize dual torque motors for positioning. Dual disc brakes add rigidity for heavier cuts.

The heavy-duty head is excellent for steel and difficult to machine alloys.

  • High torque 50 HP 15,000 RPM spindle
  • Torque motor drive for A and C axes
  • Heavy duty disk brake for A and C axes