Fryer Machine

ET XL Series - Toolroom Turning

Fryer Machine's ET-XL Series Lathes provide the ultimate in performance for your large part machining needs. These wide bed (30") heavy duty engine lathes provide incredible capacity to handle the toughest jobs you have. Designed as the heaviest machines in its class, these machines feature centers distances up to 240" and spindle bores up to 20". Innovative features like live tooling, C axis, Y axis, automatic chucks and auto steady rests allow you to customize the machine to best suit your application. The standard Touch 2200 control features automated set-up and both easy conversational and industry-standard G Code programming. Also featured are thread repair, milling cycles, dual handwheels and incredible reliability.









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Outstanding Features

  • Heavy duty 50 HP high torque spindle
  • Meehanite SP-100 castings have twice the strength of gray iron
  • 30" wide bed with center mounted ballscrew
  • Standard 6" spindle bore
  • C3 grade accuracy double nut ball screws
  • Three-speed autoshift geared headstock
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic tailstock
  • Digital servo motors and drives with absolute encoders
  • Full manual mode with 2 handwheels
  • Thread repair cycle
  • One-button fast setup - simplifies setup process
  • 3D Solid model graphics
















Live Tool Turret
Fryer’s high capacity VDI turrets are available in 30, 40, and 50 VDI sizes. These turrets includes 10 & 20 HP live tool spindle motors with rigid tap and surface transformation feature. This provides added rigidity for the most demanding applications. Full milling cycles such as pocketing and contouring are easily programmed using the conversational menus.

Y Axis
Fryer also offers Y axis turrets in several different sizes up to 5.1” of travel.


Steady & Follow Rests
Fryer offers a large range of hydraulic and mechanical roller type steady rests. Our hydraulic follow rests feature spherical rollers for continuous supported cutting.


Big Bores
Fryer’s ET XL Series are available in the following bore sizes: 6", 9", 12", 16" and 20". All spindles feature bolt-on style A series noses in different sizes to match the bore size.


Grinding Spindle
The ET Series is available with both ID and OD grinding spindles. These spindles, available in a variety of sizes and horsepower, allow for versatile turning and grinding on the same machine. The package includes dressing fixtures and dressing cycles that make this spindle adaptable to all your grinding needs.