5-Axis with Rotating Spindle


5X Series

5-Axis Simultaneous with Articulating Spindle

  • 360° of rotation and 200° of spindle tilt
  • Designed for cutting steel & tough alloys
  • High power torque motors & Heidenhain glass scales
  • Perfect for aerospace, automotive & energy industries


60" x 30" x 35"


100" x 35" x 34"


120" x 50" x 40"


160" x 50" x 40"



The Fryer 5X Series features the Kessler tilting/rotary head which provides 360° of rotation and 200° of spindle tilt. This flexible spindle solution is perfect for the aerospace, automotive and oil field industries where rotating the part is not practical. Available in travel sizes of 60" to 160" and featuring full 5-axis Siemens 840D or Fanuc 31i B5 CNC controls.


  • German-made Kessler 2-axis head
  • 360° rotation, 200° tilt
  • 40 tool high speed, twin arm ATC
  • Excellent accessibility for crane loading
  • 5 arc second rotary accuracy
  • High torque 55 HP, 15,000 HP spindle


  • 2 axis spindle flexibility
  • Perfect for large parts
  • Fast set-up cycles
  • Compact size
  • Siemens 840D SL CNC
  • Fanuc 31i B5 CNC
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CNC Control


The Fryer – Siemens Touch 2300 CNC provides world class technology and ultra-advanced features in an intuitive user interface. This state of the art platform provides the ultimate for 5-axis, high speed machining, horizontal machine and turning applications alike. Fast set-up cycles, one button hot keys and built in probe cycles speed the set-up process. Shop floor programming, G code programming, large program storage and Ethernet connectivity speed the programming process. 3D solid model graphic verification, handwheel run and easy interrupt speed the first article process.
  • One touch set-up cycles
  • Shop floor programming system
  • G code programming editor
  • Advanced graphic simulation
  • Advanced Digital Control System
  • Regenerative drive technology (saves 40% electric)
  • Absolute encoders – no homing needed
  • High accuracy contouring and surfacing
The tool management page stores your tool information in a graphical format. In addition, tools can be given tool numbers or actual names like .500 drill or .375 CBD end mill. Each tool can be managed for wear and switched automatically when the tool run time is reached.
The standard part probe cycles use a simple GUI to make part set-up simple. The cycles include edge find, part skew, pocket, boss and many more. The cycles can also be used to measure the part and display dimensions on the screen, much like a CMM.
The High-Speed Machining option lets you select 3 settings for the velocity, accuracy or surface quality to produce the workpiece at extremely high speed. Includes 500 block look ahead and 1 millisecond block processing.
After the part is programmed it can be simulated to show the operations and tool paths. Simulation will also work with programs brought in from a CAM system that were output in G code. Cycle time is displayed also.

Please download our CNC Control brochure for more detailed information.
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