Simplified Small Batch Turning


ET - TR Series

Easy Turn - Toolroom Turning

  • Manual, Semi-CNC or Full-CNC Modes
  • Easier to Use Than Conventional Lathe
  • Handle Driven "Do One" Cycles Eliminates Manual Set-Ups
  • Perfect for Prototype, Repair, Job Shop & Toolroom


16" Swing


18" Swing


21" Swing


25" Swing

Center Distances

40", 60", 80", 120"

Spindle Bore Sizes

2.0", 3.4", 4.1"



Designed by toolmakers for toolmakers, the Fryer Easy Turn Series provides rugged construction and high accuracy in a compact toolroom lathe. The Easy Turn is easier to use than a conventional lathe yet offers the productivity of a CNC. Time consuming manual set-ups for threading, chamfers, and contours are eliminated by the Easy Turn's handle driven "Do One" cycles and electronic stops. Multi-mode operations allow manual use, semi-auto use and full CNC operation. This flexibility is perfect for repair shops, tool and die, prototype and job shops alike.

Ease of Use

  • Manual mode with dual handles
  • "Do One" semi-automatic mode
  • Simple menu programming mode
  • 3D graphic verification
  • Standard G code programming
  • Handwheel run mode


  • High quality thermally stable Meehanite castings
  • Hardened and ground ways with Turcite B liners
  • Two speed auto-shift gear box
  • C3 grade double nut ball screws with class 7 bearings
  • Hand built precision +/- .0002"
  • 2 Year warranty
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CNC Control


The Fryer / Siemens 828-HS control is designed for ease of use in low volume toolroom and job shop facilities. Simple menu programming and fast set-up keys allow you make one-off parts in half the time of a manual machine. Multi mode operation allows you to use the machine manually, semi-automatic and full CNC mode. Canned cycles and graphic verify make set-up faster and easier.
  • Manual or CNC
  • Do-one mode
  • Teach mode
  • Conversational mode
  • Ultra reliable Siemens High Speed all digital control system
  • Regenerative drives save 40% electrical use
  • Digital drives provide better accuracy and surface finish
  • Absolute encoders never require you to ‘home’ machine
Lathe Contour
Geometry. Enter part dimensions using the Simple Geometry Creator. The dimensions are drawn on the screen while you enter them and missing information is automatically calculated.
Lathe Rough Cycle
Roughing cycle. Answer basic questions about the depth of cut, tool type and finish stock allowance.
Lathe Thread
Threading cycle. Answer basic questions about the thread size pitch and tool type.
Lathe Simulate
The 828-HS uses sophisticated solid model graphic verification to accurately show what your part will look like BEFORE you cut it. Also choose from wireframe or multi-view screen.
Please download our CNC Control brochure for more detailed information.
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