Why Fryer

Performance, Quality, Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Only Fryer offers Siemens CNC customized for small lot production. This platform features simple conversational programming, fast set-up buttons, probing cycles, 3D solid model graphics, high speed machining and more. The Siemens hardware platform features digital regenerative drives that save 40% on power consumption, absolute encoders, high torque motors and industry leading reliability.

Field Upgrades

When your needs change your Fryer can change with you. Add software features and hardware features at a later date. Items like 4th and 5th axis rotary tables, coolant through spindle, high speed machining, glass scales, live tooling and more can be easily added to your machine.

CNC Control

The heart of every machine is the CNC control. A quick look at the market finds PC based analog controls still being used. Fryer uses high tech digital controls from Siemens and Fanuc. These units are much more reliable and feature advanced performance not available from the home-grown PC controls.


Fryer uses only high-end components in all our machines. C3 grade double nut ballscrews, class 7 bearings, Meehanite castings, Siemens and Fanuc electrics. This results in machines that last longer and hold better tolerance.


Fryer leads the market with innovative machines and features. From high performance VMC’s, Toolroom products, Traveling column and multitasking machines. Count on Fryer to create a solution to your machining need.


We feature a global distribution network that includes factory trained service engineers. Our warehouse features an impressive stock of spare parts that ship the same day ordered.

Custom Configured

All Fryer machines are hand made and built to order at our USA factory. This process allows us to custom configure machine tools for your application. We are the only USA builder to offer this unique approach to machine tools.

Hear What Others Are Saying

“really good value for the money”

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“machine performance has exceeded our expectations”

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“dramatically shortened the lead time for parts”

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Fryer’s machines impact every facet of life. From the train you take to work, to the toys your children play with, Fryer’s machines have helped shape and define every day life for most Americans.

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