Rotary Tables

RT Series

The Better Built Rotary Table

  • Built for longer life and higher accuracy
  • Gear driven for better power distribution
  • Better accuracy ring and worm gears
  • Better sealing for zero contamination

TRT Series

Tilting Rotary Tables

  • Two axis motion for both 5 axis simultaneous and 4+1 motion
  • Large platter rotary tables with a small footprint
  • Gear driven with high accuracy ring and worm gears
  • Available in sizes from 5” all the way to 32” diameter

MT Series

Manual Tilting Rotary Tables

  • Full automatic 4th axis rotary table with manual tilt capability
  • Perfect choice for small batch production
  • Built for multiple sided machining
  • Available in sizes from 8” all the way to 25”